Lil, or large, intro!

So, My name is Jonathan, but I’ve been known by Jon, Jay, Jay-Jay and now Yay-Yay… my personal favourite. I’m 22 and as of today I weigh in at a depressing 18 st or 252 Lbs or 114.3 Kg …. any way you look at this… its not pleasant.

So, I’m (re)starting an age old mission to try and loose some weight. My end goal is 4 St by Christmas.. which is not unreasonable.

The Reason i’m putting this on the inter web, is in an attempt to help me keep to the diet and exercise routine that I am working on. ¬†hopefully by routinely updating this, will help me ritualise the whole process, which may or may not be all i need to actually follow through with this.

My weight has fluctuated alot over the last few years specifically. 4 years ago i was 20 st and 4 Lbs… my heaviest. I got down to 16 St 12 Lbs about 2 years ago after a 12 week stint working with a circus. This Was the lightest I’ve been in my adult years.

I’m 5 ft 11 roughly, making me obese… maybe even Morbidly obese, so its finally time to do something about it.

This is mostly for my own benefit, but feel free to read along and experience this with me!